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August 17: Femen Cuts the Cross in Kiev (2012)

Femen founder Anna Hutsol says, “Feminists can’t be religious … There is no such thing as Orthodox or Catholic feminists or, most absurdly of all, Islamic feminists. It’s ridiculous. They are antagonistic ideologies; mutually exclusive.”

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August 15: Sylvain Maréchal (1750)

It was on this date, August 15, 1750, that French writer and political theorist Pierre Sylvain Maréchal was born in Paris. Trained as a lawyer, he found employment at the Collège Mazarin as an aide-librarian. Maréchal was an admirer of

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August 12: Jacinto Benavente (1866)

It was on this date, August 12, 1866, that Spanish dramatist Jacinto Benavente y Martínez was born in Madrid. One of the most important Spanish dramatists of the 20th century, Benavente wrote over 170 plays, including La comida de las

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This Week in Freethought History (August 4-10)

Read about Percy Bysshe Shelley, Guy de Maupassant, Asia Carrera, James “The Amazing” Randi, Christian Communion, Sixtus IV, Churches v. Astronomy and more …

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This Week in Freethought History (July 28-August 3)

Read about political philosopher Karl Popper, Galileo’s persecutor Urban VIII, publisher E. Haldeman-Julius, the “Age of Chivalry,” science writer James Gleick, black activist and social critic James Baldwin, Edwardian poet Rupert Brooke and more …

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August 2: James Baldwin (1924)

It was on this date, August 2, 1924, that American writer, social critic and civil rights activist James Baldwin was born James Arthur Baldwin in Harlem, New York City, U.S.A. Known chiefly for his semi-autobiographical Bildungsroman,* Go Tell It on

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August 1: James Gleick (1954)

It was on this date, August 1, 1954, that American science writer James Gleick was born in New York City. A Harvard graduate, Gleick worked for ten years as an editor and reporter for the New York Times. He not

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