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February 22: George Washington (1732)

It was on this date, February 22, 1732, that George Washington, first American President under the Constitution, was born. Nowhere in Washington’s extant writings does he make direct reference to Jesus Christ. When he died on 14 December 1799 at

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February 21: Jimmy Swaggart Busted for Hypocrisy (1988)

It was on this date, February 21, 1988, America’s then-leading television evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart, resigning from his ministry in a tearful, televised confession. Swaggart was found to have solicited a prostitute for sex, after exposing a similar indiscretion by his

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February 20: Robert Altman (1925)

It was on this date, February 20, 1925, that American film director Robert Altman was born (1925). Altman was educated in Jesuit schools prior to joining the Army at the age of 18, but he lost his religion soon after

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February 19: Svante Arrhenius (1859)

It was on this date, February 19, 1859, that Swedish chemist and Nobel laureate Svante August Arrhenius, one of the founders of the science of physical chemistry, was born in Vik. Popular story relates that Arrhenius taught himself to read

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February 19: Nicholas Copernicus (1473)

It was on this date, February 19, 1473, that Nicolaus Koppernigk, known to science history by his Latinized name, Nicolaus Copernicus, was born in Toruń, what is now known as Thorn in modern Poland. Copernicus lost his father at age

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Contraception Controversy: A Religious War on Women

The following is a commentary in an ongoing series of “Reflections” by John Mill. John Mill is the radio persona of Ronald Bruce Meyer and can be heard on “American Heathen.” “The American Heathen” Internet radio broadcast is aired, live,

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February 18: The first Church of Scientology is established in Los Angeles (1954)

It was on this date, February 18, 1954, that the first Church of Scientology was established in Los Angeles, California. There’s a reason why some of us call the Church of Scientology “Where the Bullies Are”: they are notorious for

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February 17: Giordano Bruno Burned for Heresy (1600)

It was on this date, February 17, 1600, that Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned to death for his religious opinions at the Campo de’ Fiori in Rome. He was born Filippo Bruno, in 1548, in the Italian town of

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February 16: Natalie Angier (1958)

It was on this date, February 16, 1958, that nonfiction writer and a science journalist Natalie Angier was born in New York City. After studying physics and English at Barnard College, she graduated with high honors in 1978. Angier wrote

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February 15: Jeremy Bentham (1748)

It was on this date, February 15, 1748, that British jurist and social reformer Jeremy Bentham was born into a Tory family in London, the son of a lawyer. A precocious learner, Bentham studied Latin at age four and sailed

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