Have a Blessed Day

The following is a commentary in an ongoing series of “Reflections” by John Mill. John Mill is the radio persona of Ronald Bruce Meyer and can be heard on “American Heathen.” The American Heathen” Internet radio broadcast is aired, live, on Friday nights from 7:00pm-10:00pm Central time on ShockNetRadio.com.

Have a Blessed Day
A Reflection by Ronald Bruce Meyer

If one more person tells me to “have a blessed day”…

The injunction comes primarily from people of the Christian religion. And my first impulse is to say – and this is my favorite line from Dr. Brennan of “Bones” – “I don’t know what that means.”

I really don’t know what it means to “Have a blessed day.” (Frankly, I’m not sure they do, either.) Is that the same as “Have a nice day”? If I were having a blessed day, how would I know the difference between that and having a nice day or a good day or a successful day?

If they knew I am an atheist, would they still wish me a “blessed day”? I’m sure it will have the same effect on me as when somebody tells me they are going to pray for me: it’s harmless but useless to me.

Is the person of faith who wishes me a “blessed day” assuming I am a Christian? Does the expression mean, “If you’re a Christian, here is our secret handshake; if you’re not, I’m better than you”?

As capricious as God seems to be, a “blessed day” could be a godawful day because God is testing me or trying to make me stronger. Should I thank somebody for wishing me a day of trials and tribulations?

Or maybe the next time somebody tells me to  “Have a blessed day,” I should smile sweetly and say, “Thank you, but I have other plans.”

Copyright © 2010-11 Ronald Bruce Meyer. To hear an audio version of this Reflection, click on this link: Blessed Day

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